ERASMUS POLICY STATEMENTLiepaja Marine College (LMC) provide the first level professional higher education and the third level secondary vocational education with full-time and part-time studies that prepare maritime specialists and logistics specialist a

Liepaja Marine College (LMC) provide the first level professional higher education and the third level secondary vocational education with full-time and part-time studies that prepare maritime specialists and logistics specialist according to the Latvian Law on Higher Education, Vocational Training Act and the International Maritime Organization (IMO) requirements. LMC has developed its own development strategy plan for the period 2014.-2025. Year. One of the most important points to reach strategy aims is to provide and improve students and staff mobility and trying to increase the number of people having opportunity to take part in mobility projects. Active participation in the Erasmus+ program will also facilitate new long-term cooperation and promote new contacts with the foreign companies and educational institutions. As well as participation in projects is also important aspect for internationalization and modernization of our college.

Students which will have their internship or study abroad will get know a new culture, will improve their knowledge, increase self-confidence and communication skills, become more independent and confident about yourself, what will provide to feel more free in the labor market.

Academic staff mobility will promote their professional growth, improving quality of the study, diversification of study programs and training process.

LMC will ensure equal access an opportunity to mobile participants from all backgrounds and there will be no any option of discrimination.

We are interested in establishing a long term cooperation between institutions which are dealing with the same specific scope in partner countries and in program countries. We are opened to participate in projects as a coordinating organization and also as a partner organization. At first we would like to develop closer cooperation with our neighbor countries such as the Scandinavian countries. We will look for partners who can provide high-quality courses in English and placements according to the internship program.

To initiate and encourage foreign students interest to study courses in our college, we will develop a section for international students on our homepage, where will be available all necessary information such as course catalog, credit system, accommodation, contacts, culture and other practical information. The college will also organize new measures what will help incoming students easier adapt in local student life and become a fully integrated member of a college. The dissemination of information is important part to attract and promote more and more students and staff to participate in projects activities and spend time abroad. The information will be disseminate by making information seminars, distributing printed materials around the college, publishing information on website, sharing experience after mobility period. Erasmus Policy Statement and Erasmus University Charter will be published and will be available on Liepaja Marine College’s homepage. All who will be interested to participate in activities under the program are encouraged to contact our college’s project specialist at any time and find out all details and get answers to questions.


Liepaja Marine College’s vision is to become the best educational institution with the most advanced training methods and technology. The mission is to prepare to labor market competitive specialists, to improve and maintain professional quality.

In order to successfully realize the vision, fulfill mission and achieve the goals we have to build and develop the network of cooperation partners. The Erasmus+ program enables establishing new long-term partnership with different institutions and enterprises from other countries that can be our partners in different projects.

At the moment we had carried out common projects cooperating with Lithuanian Maritime Academy (LMA) in order to increase the competitiveness of human recourse in maritime sector of both countries (projects “LLI-002 Improvement of the labor force competitiveness in Latvia-Lithuanian Maritime Sector/LTLVMARINE”, “LLIV-289 Improvement of the competitiveness of Lithuanian-Latvian Maritime Sector Engineers/LTLV-MARINE_ENGINEERS” and on-going project “LLV-386 Establishment of Knowledge and E-services centers for seafarers at LMA and LMC/KEC”).

In further years, College foresees the active participation in different projects. Our project specialist will dealing with all further projects organization and implementation. Our College will promote and improve staff English skill by organizing language courses, enabling them to make a wider participation in mobility projects and its activities. Staff participation in the projects will be one of the staff work quality assessment criteria. Also we will regularly updating a course catalog increasing the number of study courses that can be taught in English.

The College will ensuring equal academic treatment and services to home and incoming students.


The participation in the program is closely related to Liepaja Marine College development strategy objectives. Through the participation in the program, the implementation of projects and full use of mobility opportunities, will promote the quality of study programs and encouraged closer cooperation links between higher educational institutions, research and business, what will help increase the number of well prepared graduates meeting the needs of labor market and society. The students participation in mobility will promote personal and professional growth, improve their skills and knowledge, meet new friends from different countries and culture. The teaching staff will get opportunities to increase their professional competence, get new experience and innovative teaching techniques what can be implemented in our College providing more qualitative lecturers for students. Under the program we want to promote opportunity to invite quest-speakers from other EU and non-EU universities and enterprises who can lead lecturers and share with experience.

The College will use European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) to get the recognition of the credit points. The ECTS promote understanding and recognition of the academic credit point systems of different countries.

The participation in students and staff mobility projects will directly related with Bologna Process’s  objectives in higher education, what promote and improve quality of education.