Erasmus+ project in the sector of VET - "Train2BPro"

Project title:  Traineeship in Ship Mechanics and Water Safety Training of LMC VET Learners


Project No.: 2018-1-LV01-KA102-046883

Project implementing period: 15.11.2018 till 14.11.2020 (project extended till 14.11.2021 due to Covid-19 pandemic)


  • Liepājas Jūrniecības koledža (Latvia, Liepaja, project beneficiary,
  • EUROMIND PROJECTS SL (Spain, Malaga,
  • Associazione Artistica Culturale "A Rocca" (Italy, Sicily,
  • Projinal Consulting (Turkey, Ankara,

Target audience: learners and staff of LMC vocational education and training professional secondary education programs

Project financing: the total EC funding allocated to the project is 62 955,00 EUR.

Summary of project activities and planned results

The project "Traineeship in Ship Mechanics and Water Safety Training of LMC VET Learners" (Train2BPro) focuses on practical training of learners of the Liepaja Marine College’s (hereinafter – LMC) secondary VET programme „Maritime Transport – Ship Engineer” in ship and boat repair and maintenance companies abroad, as well as practical training on water safety for learners of the secondary VET programmes („Maritime Transport – Ship Engineer” and „Maritime Transport – Ship Navigator”).

LMC faces difficulties in finding traineeship placements for its secondary VET program learners. One of the main reasons is that they have no prior practical experience outside the college workshops. Qualification training is compulsory during the studies and it is not possible to finish the school without it. Latvia has practically no fleet in place to provide traineeship placements for the young seafarers, whereas the demand for experienced maritime specialists, especially for ship engineers, is increasing. Latvia is located near the Baltic Sea and maintenance of small boats is always in demand. Although LMC has its own boat base, only two boats are currently purchased, which cannot provide sufficient amount of diversified practical trainings to all students, the practical tasks are very limited. LMC uses every opportunity to provide students with good practical training to help them integrate into the labour market as successfully as possible. Erasmus+ projects and mobility opportunities have helped to address this problem.

Within the framework of this project and with the help of the project partners (intermediary organizations) EuroMind (Malaga, Spain) and the International Department of Associazione A Rocca - EProjectConsult (Sicily, Italy), 8 learners will have the opportunity to undergo a 3-week training in Malaga, while 4 learners will have the opportunity to undergo a 2-week training in Sicily, being placed in enterprises operating in technical maintenance and repair works of ships/boats. The participants will gain practical experience, acquire and develop skills to carry out technical maintenance and repair works of the equipment and machinery of small vessels and boats, to apply tools used by the ship mechanics, to work with repair documentation, to operate with power, mechanical and electrical equipment and systems, and other profession related tasks.

In turn, the project partner (intermediary organization) Projinal Consulting (Turkey, Ankara) will organize practical training at the Turkish VET institution Fettah Tamince Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi, where a 2-week water safety training will take place. The currently provided courses do not provide practical training in salty waters (the Baltic Sea is not considered to be a particularly saline sea), and the theoretical knowledge is very general, without emphasizing the peculiar circumstances of particular regions. Within the framework of the project, practical training will be organized in a basin and the Mediterranean Sea, allowing learners to gain knowledge and additional practice in water safety in international environment, allowing them to practice real-life situations in close proximity conditions with a focus on the peculiarities of the Mediterranean. Learners will acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills in water safety and survival in the event of an accident on the water, will practice the use of safety facilities, equipment and rafts (STCW module (A-VI / 1-1)), as well as gain experience in sailing with motorboats and sailboats.

Along with the professional skills, the participating learners will improve their English language and communication skills, become more independent, motivated, self-confident, improve their ability to work in international environment, get to know other cultures and to travel.

With this project, LMC also aims to establish and strengthen successful cooperation with partners abroad, as well as obtain contacts at maritime companies for provision of traineeship placements. Similarly, LMC seeks to inspire other educational institutions and young people to actively participate in Erasmus+ program activities, as well as to be mobile and globally minded.

For more information, please contact LMC project coordinator at erasmusplus(at)